twenty-four days

♣ ruffsssss.
one - introduce yourself day
two - 10 things you like day
three - morning routines day
four - your definition of love day
five - what you ate today day
six - your day day
seven - your room day
eight - your siblings day
nine - this week day
ten - your dreams day
eleven - favourite picture day
twelve - your favorite memories day
thirteen - your favorite birthday day
fourteen - this month day
fifteen - wishlist day
sixteen - something that upsets you day
seventeen - something that makes you feel better day
eighteen - your best songs day
nineteen - your best buys day
twenty - your fears day
twenty-one - your favourite place day
twenty-two - something that you miss day
twenty-three - your aspirations day
twenty-four - 10 things we don't know yet day

Namnet var lunna

du ser ut som mig ju!

2012-06-11 // 19:41:37
Namnet var ojskiposjki

får jag låna den där listan?

2012-06-14 // 18:51:46

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